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New Rap Beef: Bia vs. Cardi B Heats Up!

There's a new beef poppin' off, and it's between the beautiful Bia and Mrs. Cardi B.

The Backstory

It all kicked off when Cardi B hopped on the remix of "Wanna Be" orgnially by GloRilla; and allegedly threw some shade at Bia. Fans were quick to catch the diss, and Bia wasn't about to let it slide under the rug. The Boston rapper clapped back on IG Live, previewing a savage diss track aimed straight at Cardi.

Bia Loads Up

Bia didn't hold back at all. During her IG Live, she played a snippet of her track GOING OFF, where she took some heavy shots at Cardi:

"Put it on your hubby since you lying on your vows...B*tch you ain’t for the culture you just tryna ride the wave...Put that on yo kids you love yourself...C-A-R-D-I cry on IG, catch another tude cause she couldn’t catch the beat...Am I battling you or Pardi...You been scrapping songs since 2019."

Talk about shots fired! Bia made it clear she's not here to play games.

Cardi B Claps Back

If you know anything about Cardi B wasn't gonna stay quiet. She jumped on IG Live to air out her side of the story QUICKLY, breaking down her beef history with Bia and revealing a recorded phone call conversation between them. But that's not all – Cardi even played an unreleased diss track by Bia, adding more fuel to the fire.

In her live session, Cardi hinted at possibly suing Bia for "lying on her p*ssy" and accusing her of cheating on Offset. This beef is getting real serious, real fast.

What's Next?

As the drama unfolds, fans are eagerly watching to see how this beef will develop. Will Cardi follow through with her lawsuit? Will there be more diss tracks? One thing's for sure, this is the hottest beef in the rap game right now NEXT to everybody vs Diddy and Drake 😅, and it's only just begun.

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