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Steve Harvey Sets the Record Straight: Apologetic Selfie Alert!

Whatspoppin' folks! Get ready for some reel talk from none other than Steve Harvey himself. The funnyman's hitting the scene with a sincere apology after his social media account took a wild turn. Hold onto your hats 'cause this is a ride you won't wanna miss.

A tweet popped up on Harvey's "X" account, sparking significant chatter. It was all about naming a comedian you don't find funny. Whoa, talk about throwing some shade! But guess what? Steve Harvey wasn't having any of it.

After the tweet stirred the pot and went poof into deletion land, Jess Hilarious herself chimed in. She called it like it is, saying it didn't seem like something Steve Harvey would pull. Agreed, Jess!

But The story doesn't end there. Steve Harvey had to step back, take a breather, and get into some nature, and he decided to address the whole incident. He hopped on X with a video that laid it all out.

In his own words, Harvey owned up to the situation and took responsibility, even though the rogue tweet wasn't his style. The man behind Family Feud set the record straight. His whole vibe is about motivation and positivity—no room for negativity.

And let's clear the air: This wasn't some ploy for engagement. Harvey's not here for the drama. In fact, he dropped a hint that the rogue staffer might've caught the boot. He ain't playing around, folks.

But hold onto your hats, 'cause the main man himself, Steve Harvey, hit us with a heartfelt selfie and an apology you won't wanna miss. He ain't holding back—my bad, y'all. It won't happen again.

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