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The City Girls' Drama: Exploring the Feud, the Tweets, and the Love

So, picture this: Yung Miami and JT, the powerhouse female rap duo that's been tearing up the club up, suddenly find themselves at odds? Yeah, you heard me right. The queens of getting to the bag; in class are duking it out, and it's got the whole internet locked in.

City Girls

It all started when our girl JT decided to flex her superpowers and clap back at anyone with the audacity to come at her sideways. But things really kicked into high gear when the blogger, KenBarbie, dropped not one, but two videos of JT caught in what looked like a case of double-talk.

KenBarbie x JT

Now, before you go jumping to conclusions, Let's set the record straight. That footage of JT saying she's not about that "shaking ass" life? Yeah, it was all about her showing love to her fans during a rap battle, not some sudden change in her persona. But you know how the internet loves to twist things.

Then, to add fuel to the fire, Saucy Santana ran into the mix like a stray bullet. JT made it crystal clear that she wasn't here for any shade thrown at her by whomever.

JT X Material Gworls

And let me tell you, things got real spicy real quick, with #TheGirlsAreFighting blowing up all over the timeline.

But just when you thought it couldn't get any crazier, Yung Miami found herself caught in the crossfire.

Yung Miami

Creasha came out swinging, accusing JT of sneak-dissing her on the low for weeks, even suggesting that her new tracks are jabs at her. Twitter was straight-up lit with back-and-forth shots fired, but thankfully, it ended on a note of love ( I THINK).


So, where does that leave us now? Well, it's anyone's guess. Phone calls might've been made, tweets might've been drafted, but one thing's for sure: the City Girls ain't backing down. Whether they're slaying the charts or slinging tweets, these ladies know how to keep us on our toes.

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