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Rihanna and ASAP Rocky are finally parents of two!

Yurrrrrrrrrrrrrr, hold up!

The flyest couple around, Rihanna and ASAP Rocky, just dropped a bombshell that's gonna set the streets on fire. They ain't stopping at just one kid, 'cause they just welcomed their SECOND little superstar on August 3rd right in the heart of L.A.

The streets were buzzing with rumors that these two trendsetters had already become proud parents to a baby princess earlier this month. But you'll know we keep you up to date on whatspoppin', The cat is out of the bag—it's not a princess, it's a fresh baby boy that's joining their swaggy crew. Rihanna and ASAP Rocky aren't playing around, and their family is growing real stylish.

But wait, there's more dope news! On August 9th, our favorite bad gal RiRi herself hit us with some serious mama vibes alongside her cute 15-month-old son RZA.

Hold up, remember the Super Bowl 2023 Halftime Show that had us all shook? Rihanna owned that stage and flaunted her baby bump like the queen she is. Talk about dropping a bomb—she revealed her second pregnancy right there and then. And don't even doubt it, 'cause Rihanna's crew backed up the news. You can't keep a megastar move like that under wraps.

And if you thought that's all, think again! These two trailblazers melted our hearts when they introduced their firstborn cutie, RZA, to the world in May 2022. Now with not one, but two mini-legends in their squad, this fam is the definition of pure swag.

So here's the deal, homies: Rihanna and ASAP Rocky are taking family goals to a whole new level while keeping their style game on point. Let's raise a toast to this power couple, their adorable squad, and the endless coolness they bless us with.

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