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No Healing Vibes Here: Jacquees and Ella Mai Keep it Icy


Jacquees and Ella Mai—two names that are still cooking up drama hotter than a summer block party. You know how they say time heals everything? Well, scratch that, 'cause it looks like these two ain't playing by those rules.

Jacquees spilled the tea during The Baller Alert Show, and if you're wondering around about the 33-minute mark, that's where the real talk went down. Brace yourselves 'cause it's juicy: Ella Mai still got him blocked on both Insta and Twitter. Ouch! And what's behind all this shade? You guessed it—the whole "Trip" remix fiasco. Seems like Jacquees and Mai have some unresolved beef over that track.

Hold up, rewind back to early February—Jacquees claims that at the Roc Nation Brunch, him and Mai actually exchanged words. Yeah, you heard that right. But even with that brief "hey," the social media block party's still in full swing. Dude straight up said, "I'm still blocked on Instagram and Twitter." A real-life cold war, huh?

Back in 2018, things got real sticky for Jacquees when he had to yank his "Trip" remix from the internet streets after getting slapped with a cease and desist. But let's clear the air—Ella Mai wasn't the hand behind that move. Mustard, the big boss at 10 Summers, came out with the truth, saying no one messes with their content. "Stealing ain't in our playlist," they declared. The statement laid it out—Ella wasn't in on this drama, and any noise suggesting otherwise was pure fake news.

Jacquees let loose about the whole deal on The Breakfast Club back in 2018. The scoop? The video director dropped the "Trip" remix visuals on YouTube, and that set off the alarms over at 10 Summers. They thought someone was trying to make bank off their beat. Drama central, right?

But here's the kicker: Jacquees isn't carrying grudges like extra baggage. Mustard and Ella Mai? Yeah, they're still cool in his book. He's keeping it real, saying, "We still friends." Hold up, did you catch that? It's "still friends," not "was friends." You know he's being straight-up 'cause that's how a real player rolls. They've got history, no denying that.

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