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"Dirty PopCorn" - Jet Phynx Films 2nd Annual Black Film Fest

The second annual "Dirty PopCorn" Black Film Fest, hosted by Jet Phynx Films was held at the Delaware Art Museum on August 12th, 2023, was nothing short of a cinematic celebration for the ages.

With the theme "Planting the Seed," this year's festival aimed to shine a spotlight on the richness of black cinema and its diverse history. Jet Phynx, a Delaware native who has transitioned from music artist to elite film director and cinematographer, took center stage as the festival's presenter. Anthony Osborne, affectionately known as Oz and the Vice President of Jet Phynx Films, played an instrumental role in organizing an event that promises to grow to unlimited heights in the coming years.

The festival was an eclectic mix of film screenings, panel discussions, and genuine love from the attendees. Here's a glimpse of what transpired at this year's "Dirty PopCorn":

1. Film Screenings: With 15 captivating screenings, the festival treated attendees to a diverse selection of films that showcased the depth and breadth of black storytelling in cinema. From thought-provoking documentaries to gripping narratives and experimental pieces, there was something for every film enthusiast.

2. Panel Discussions: The event featured two engaging panels, bringing together industry and community voices to discuss the significance of black cinema. These discussions delved into topics such as representation in the film industry, the power of storytelling, and the challenges and triumphs faced by black filmmakers.

3. Hosted by Blake The Brain: The charismatic and knowledgeable Blake The Brain served as the event's host, guiding attendees through the festival's various segments and adding an extra layer of excitement and energy to the proceedings.

4. Popcorn Galore: True to its name, "Dirty PopCorn" lived up to the popcorn hype. Buckets of popcorn were readily available, offering attendees a savory snack to enjoy while watching the films and engaging in discussions.

5. Genuine Love: One of the most heartwarming aspects of the festival was the genuine love and support shown by the attendees. The sense of community and camaraderie was palpable, creating an atmosphere of shared appreciation for the art of black cinema.

In summary, Jet Phynx Films' 2nd Annual Black Film Fest, "Dirty PopCorn," was an unmissable event for anyone passionate about black cinema and storytelling. With a rich tapestry of films, insightful discussions, and a welcoming community of film enthusiasts, it was a celebration of the seeds planted in black cinema, with the promise of even greater growth in the years to come. Jet Phynx Films and Anthony Osborne, aka Oz, have undoubtedly set the stage for a bright future in the world of film festivals, and we can't wait to see what they have in store next. Proud Of You My Guy!

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