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Plugicist, is an all-around Creative Firm where elevation and creativity in our endeavors is what makes us different from other Creative Agencies. Have you been having trouble brightening your spark when it comes to your ideas or business needs? Well, you may have found the connection you have been looking for, To the right, you may browse our boutique services for your personal and/or business needs. If us have any questions don't hesitate to connect with me below.



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Photography & Videography 

Starting Price $60

Are you looking to capture a special moment on tape, take that family photo for the thank you card, or just want to take some headshots to update your Instagram and Linkedin? 


Logo Design

Starting Price $30

When someone sees your business what do you want them to see? Something unique, upbeat and creative right, well walk with us every step of the way to create your symbol for passion and money.


Web Design

Starting Price $100 (Not Including fee's)

In the times of now, it is important to have your own representation online, Yes social media is cool but don't want your own creative custom made WWW 


Creative Marketing

Starting Price $60

if your trying to reach the masses in a more creative way that is direct to your audience we should start planning now! Also specializing in producing confidential EPK, Press Releases, Invites, Pitch decks, and more.

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