Our S.O.S. Brush was cultivated to separate the journey from the destination. Giving elite wavers the tool to conquer the process of maintaining and elevating their wavy journey. Our HARD S.O.S brush is great for woffing sessions, defining more of a connect, and training hair large amounts of a hair with ease. 


Our luxury line of unique curved brushes are made with wood and catered to fit the palm of gentlemen across the globe, perfectly. Our curved brushes are specially designed to be easy/safe to store, always provide fresh results, and something that will always keep you motivated. #ViciWaver. Staying consistent with your regular routines which include brushing regularly, wrapping your hair before bed, and obtain other good hair routines. I can ensure you'll love your Veni Vici brush, the ladies will to.

S.O.S. Brush

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