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Yeezy ordered to pay $300,000 in lawsuit over YZY SHDZ: A Look at the case

In a recent legal battle, Yeezy, the fashion brand founded by Kanye West, has been ordered to pay $300,000 to a freelance creative director. Katelyn Mooney filed a lawsuit against Yeezy in December 2022, claiming that she wasn't paid the agreed-upon $110,000 for her photography work on Yeezy's sunglasses line SHDZ. When Mooney delivered the final assets to the company on September 14th, she had only been paid $15,000. In text messages with Yeezy's employees, the company agreed to pay her the full amount of $110,000 but never did. Mooney had also sent various invoices that were not met.

As a result, she argued that she was forced to take out loans and use credit cards to cover her expenses because she was not paid by Yeezy. However, Yeezy's legal team failed to respond to Mooney's lawsuit in time, and Manhattan Supreme Court Judge Gerald Lebovits made the ruling this week that Yeezy must pay Mooney $300,000. The awarded amount is comprised of $95,000 in damages and $205,000 in statutory damages.

This news comes as a blow to Yeezy, who has faced a series of legal battles in recent years. However, this particular case highlights the importance of timely payment in the fashion industry and the repercussions of not meeting contractual obligations. It also serves as a reminder to creatives to always ensure that their payment agreements are solid and enforced.

In addition to this legal battle, Yeezy's former collaborator Adidas was sued by investors over their failed partnership. The partnership fell apart last year amid Kanye West's embrace of anti-Semitic sentiment. This has raised questions about the responsibility of fashion brands when it comes to working with controversial figures.

Overall, the fashion industry is complex and can be fraught with legal battles and controversies. However, it is important for brands and creatives to uphold their contractual obligations and to ensure timely payment. This case highlights the importance of transparency and accountability in the industry, and serves as a cautionary tale for all involved

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