The H-Town Hotties leaves Tory Lanez on READ.

Updated: Nov 18, 2020

In the text messages Tory Lanez is begging for forgiveness as he claims that he was genuinely too drunk the night of the occasion. He wrote via iMessage (seen by TMZ), “I know you’re probably never gonna talk to me again but I genuinely want you to know that I’m sorry from the bottom of my heart”

Tory never addressed or denied the claims of shooting The Stallion in her foot but did leave the conversation by saying this “ Nonetheless shit should not have never happened and I can’t change what I did I just feel horrible!”

Now we do know that Tory was arrested for possession of a concealed handgun the night of the incident. The police officers say that they found the weapon underneath his front passenger seat where he was actually sitting.

Tory Lanez was not arrested or charged for the shooting but the LA DA is highly considering charging him with a felony assault with a firearm and has not received a reply from the H-Town Hottie!

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