The Day iBecame a Blue Coats Fan

Updated: Dec 7, 2018

Headed to the back of the Bob Carter Center in Newark Delaware with Vince Staples - FUN! Blasting in my ear, I noticed that what use to be the "86ers" are now known as the "Delaware Blue Coats".

The Delaware Blue Coats are an American professional basketball team of the NBA G-League housed out of Wilmington,Delaware with Connor Johnson as the head coach. Johnson is also assisted by Buford, Crafton, and Peters with creating the new Revolution.

Walking in the stadium with one minute and 30 seconds on the clock before halftime I witnessed greatness! The score rested at 30-31 with the Coats leading the Wisconsin Herd to a power victory.

The Blue Coats displayed courage, teamwork, and power on the court against the Herd which lead them to a victory of 108-106. The Coats showed out with buzzer beaters and a few slam dunks!


The last failed attempt to try and defeat our #DelawareBlueCoatsHighsmith (24) was not having it! GREAT JOB BLUE COATS!

images by: Ivan Thomas #DETV

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