Thank You $ocity

I first would like to say salute to the African American police sergeant that congratulated another black man for doing the correct thing in his community. "To see a black man in a position of power right the wrongs gave me a little bit of hope for the NYPD"; stated by Morise Morancy, an twenty-one year old hiphop rapper who takes the Q53 bus in New York, New York just to make it to his recording sessions on time. today Morise experience wasn't so pleasant, he witnessed an  another male passenger forcing sexual advances on a teenage girl whom was overly afraid and uncomfortable. As any Gentleman in society should have done, he stepped in and confronting the male directly and asked him end the situation. Pablo Levano, an thirty-six year old man was beaten badly after he refused to leave the teenaged female alone. Levano took shots to the face, knees, neck and arms from Mr.Monrancy before police arrested him. Once police was notified about the situation Mordancy has this to say,"“I forget [the sergeant’s] name, but I want to say ‘thank you,’” Mordancy toldPIX11. “He said, ‘You’re a hero,’ and shook my hand and said, ‘I was you 20 years ago’...[T]hat touched me.” Levano is now charged with Forcible touching. this story is heart touching in so many ways when it comes to uplifting the black community and the male leadership too the society check and how we all know right from wrongs.

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