• Charles-Dayquon Strother

REST IN PEACE - Famous Comedian Anthony Johnson

In case you are not filmar with

90’s film and the culture of Hip hop

Mr. Aj Johnson

Had the hook-up on

Playing instrument roles in unforgettable movies like

Friday, House Party, How to be a player and BAPS.

Makings guest appearances on my favorite series

That I know you watch repeatedly like

Martin, Moesha, and The Jamie Fox show

It hurts me to relay,

and I would like to send my condolences

to the family friends, and fans

Of Anthony Johnson

Who was reported to be found unconscious by his nephew,

And later pronounced dead after being rushed to the hospital

No further information has been stated about the cause of death, but as I hear more, I will keep you’ll be plugged in.

My name is CharlesDayquon

And you can follow me on every social media platform

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