Picture Perfect

Atlanta has another hit record blasting out of their city! Hip-Hop recording artist 21 $avage, recently has dropped hit record entailed, "X". The song has a heavily relaxed vibe to it from the beats to the bold lyrics. This is the perfect song! Big $hout out too "The ZayNetwork" on YouTube for posting @Shmteo_ & @Ogleloo  HOTTEST DANCE VIEDO OF THE WEEK! 

With having 21 $avage alone on the track these fellas murdered every beat and kept my eyes open the entire performance. There style was well put together and still original. The whole urban retro kicks & special designed bombers is really in and the most chillest outfit to pull together. Paying HOMAGE to the best person in the room, the songs " corny n!ggas don't impress me, never let a b!tch dress me, can't no fuck!ng judge check me". you can see the entire frame stopes and lets us know that he didn't come to play about his outfit and fashion is his second nature. Two of them had a face mask giving respect to the asian culture as well as there salute to their dance eyes. I love this video it made me glue my eyes to the screen while screaming how I wish I was there because there energy was toooooo dope! Last but not least I have to give a bow to the editor, his unique way of creating things like the iPhone messages and black dust where he left all the other dancers this week!


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