Pepsi, Were you trying be disrespectful?

Kendall Nicole Jenner, the American Fashion Model and television personality but lets not forget that she is a Kardashian. Vogue magazine also has her as there "Instagirl era" star. Jenner has began her career at the age of fourteen when she signed her first contract at Wilhelmina Models

in late July, and airing her first commercial in December of 09 for Forever 21. Jenner is also heavy in giving back to the communities, Jenner has a exchange account on eBay where she auctions old clothes for money for the children Hospital In LA. 

Recently she has starred in being the topic of all things pepsi and war. The business demonstrates Jenner dumping a photograph shoot to join an obscure dissent in the lanes of Bangkok, Thailand, where she gives a cop a container of Pepsi, evoking a grin from him and accordingly cheers from the nonconformists. Pepsi has since pulled the promotion and issued an apology, to not only the community but also to Ms.Kendall as well. People spoke with an unknown performer who showed up in the business about the backfire it has gotten.

Honestly, everything is going to repeat itself and I think the media could of used this differently but ofcourse they used it to attack the community and Kendall herself. I know some black people are against pepsi at this point and have banded from house-holds. all I wanna say is 

"Hey Pepsi, hire Charles Strother for your return to the black community; they love him like Barack"

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