God Must Have Forgotten About Me Written By Jason Lee

Haven't read a good book in a while? Don't worry us either, and we have to give huge shouts out and thank you for the transparency in telling us his story; The C.E.O of Hollywoodunlocked, entertainment journalist, reality TV star, iHeart Radio personality, Mr. Jason Lee. After reading this rollercoaster of a story, it left us inspired and on a quest for greatness. People always take the time to give their unpopular opinions but never take the time out to express their background. The comedic star unapologeticly gave his readers a tasteful and raw tour of his past obstacles and turama, He allowed people to see Jason Lee for who he is. Not the man you see on Love & HipHop or the guy you think Beyonce was running from but the perfect example of turning nothing into something. 

The Gentleman behind the highest level profile of provocative news and headlines has bigger stories to, this time he put his money where his mouth is. Not understanding his background and why he Walk It Like It He Talk It, is because you haven’t heard about his struggle and fight against the foster care system or his mother drug addition yet. Either way you look at it this man did what ever he could do to make sure he didn’t return back to his pass situation. Hate him or love him by his story you can tell the underdog will always be on top! We respect his hustle, grind, and most importantly his determination to stay true to what’s real and not dap in 

what’s not authentic about himself. After the launching of his book he also went around the USA on a book signing where our boy CharlesDayquon got to sit down with Jason and receive 4 copies of his book on top of a great and authentic conversation. Tune into the interview below where we talk about some little things in the book.

*Disclamier - This was a really fun and long interview we had great questions set up for Jason but he told us no note cards we giving it to them straight.  Everyone has a story, what yours? Below below on 

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