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Forever Pushing P, #FreeGunna

All year long the World has been screaming "Pushing P", but for the past few months

(since May if we been real)

The ATL artist who brought us "Drip to hard" has been locked behind bars.

If you didn't know Atlanta Rapper Gunna, was arrested in connections to a

RICO CASE that also involves Atlanta-native Thugger Thug (Young Thug) and others members of the YSL label are a criminal street gang.

Government Officials are saying that the artist who brought us "Far", have been involved in theft, witness intimidation/tampering, and murder. Gunna, charged with a single count of conspiracy to violate the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations, or RICO Act.

Today (October 13th), Gunna's team of legal officials stepped into the #FultonCountry courtroom and was denied the request by Judge Ural Glanville for release until trail.

(Not to mention this is the third time!)

The trail date is set to begin early next year.

“Although we must respect the Court’s ruling, we know it is wrong," attorney Steve Sadow say in a statement to Rolling Stone.

Sergio Kitchens, better known to the culture are Gunna

has NOT been listed as being involved in any of the violent crimes

But Judge Glanville just is not having it.

His main claim is that his concern was about about witnesses being intimidated.

Im going leave it to the attorney before I get myself in trouble, But Steve Sadow said it best!

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