If The Covid19 Shot Wont Bring Coachella back, I'm definitely not getting it!

Updated: Feb 1

If the coronavirus vaccination wasn’t enough to bring back Coachella what's the point of it? If you're not already aware of the great annual Valley music and art festive that started back in early October 1999, you have to be sleeping under a rock. The entertainment and fashion festival is normally held at the empire polo club in Indio California, located in the Colorado desert looking to service over 250,000 people.

Sources were saying that the festival was supposed to be held Friday, April 9 until Sunday, April 18, and was also working on the lineup to kick off the return from their last two cancellations. The most recent headliners for the event has been Travis Scott Frank ocean in more they were also postponed until October

Dr. Cameron Kaiser, who is the public health office for the Riverside country where the festival is held, twitted her signature on a document canceling the event also mentioned that she looks forward to when the event may return. Her reasoning for Well on the brighter side of things fortunately enough this year no one will have to worry about getting a refund because tickets have not been sold by the event team. This will be the third cancellation of two weekend-long of greatness.

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