We all go to college to further our education in whatever field we have an interest in. No matter what school you attend you have to choose a major that best picks you. Your major is your future something you have to want to advance the knowledge in. So however important it is to you to have a good future will determine how serious you take the option of picking your major, not your university. Picking a major is like picking a veggie at the market; find the biggest one that best fits what you and what you could use it for. Picking your field of study will make your future what you want it to be depending on how hard you work and the connects you make.

            When you go to college you don’t want to be a super senior and taking a bunch of classes that you don’t need but most fulfill to graduate from the intuition. Picking your major will show you the courses that will help you best in your major and what order you need to take them in. In picking your major you get the complete run down and understanding that field. For example a fashion major will learn how to design items from different areas even if they never heard or seen it before, the history of clothing, and the technique of the craft.

            Things in life may be a hobby for you but you may not want it as a job. The best way to find that out is if you look into the major. When looking into a major you see the different type of jobs you can do with the major of your choose as well it shows you the different type of things you would be learning. For example, you may love science but want to take classes in the mass communication department because you would like help with public speaking and marketing. Being as thought you study science you can take elevates in other areas.

  When picking a major you will get appointed to an advisor; sometimes they may be great and other times they maybe the worst thing that ever happened to your life. Advisors jobs are too help you with organize your class schedule, keep you on track as far as graduating on time, and being a voice to get through college. Networking and meeting people in your field is a good way to understand the field and also get in good with other company to land you a job, don’t expect for college to find you a job. With having an Advisor is like having a big brother or sister because they always look out for you and help you with anything you may need help with, sometimes more like a mother or father as well.

            Choosing a major is not hard to do when you know what you want to do in life. If you know what you want to do the first thing you should do is declare. Declaring your major so that you can get your adviser to help you along the way to success in the future. I’m ready to start my journey in the mass commination field and speak to the world about my dreams. So pick wisely when you are picking you major, don’t rush, and don’t do something because your friends are studying it.

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