We highly suggest you'll stay tuned & keep your eyes and ears open for our favorite Canadian rappers most anticipated Chixtape yet. “PROUD TO FINALLY ANNOUNCE …. CHIXTAPE 5 …… NOVEMBER 2019 !!! It’s officially #ChixtapeSeason" Tory captured his latest IG photo promoting the mixtape. Lanez previewed some heat back in January on his IG live showing iff his skills and upcoming music.

The playboy has told fans that #Chixtape4 couldn't even look in #Chixtape5 direction, meaning that the artist is expecting all bangers off this project. It's said that all samples are from the era of the early 2000's. We don't know about you'll but we are more than ready to go back in time and enjoy a vibe.

Tory has personally created an inspired playlist of all samples and vibes for the upcoming tape. The playlist has artist like Usher, Ray J, and Lloyd on it but can only be streamed on Spotfiy. DONT WORRY ITS FREE TO LISTEN!

Tory left us with these words, ""I need y'all to understand something , THIS ISNT CHIXTAPE 1.2.3 or 4 .. I've listened to y'all complain for years 'Why can't CHIXTAPE be on Apple or Spotify etc.?!' And it's because CLEARING IT WOULD HAVE BEEN A B!T(H ... that being said . This time it's CLEARED."

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