Bryson, What you gonna do?

On October 2, 2015 Bryson Tiller which is one of my favorite artists of today dropped his first album called "TrapSoul".  Trapsoul was a phenomenal album which had a lot of feelings emotion and lyrics to die for. Bryson Tiller is a artist that lets men express themselves without feeling as though they are not being heard. Bryson has now made it OK for us gentleman to send out a text message to our significant others to let her know that she's broken our heart and that we will always love her forever. Gentleman if you have ever felt like you could not come up the words to let her know that you love her listen to trapsoul you'll find the words. 

If you have not heard any of Bryson tillers music I would highly recommend listening to a few of his songs below you will find a list of songs that I have on repeat often 

So righteousness

Let Me Explain




Bryson Tiller was born on January 2, 1993 in his career began in mid 2011 when he dropped his first mixtape entitled "killer instinct volume 1". Tiller is from Louisville, Kentucky where he receive the key to the city by mayor Greg Fischer. 2016 was a great year for Mr. Tiller he was nominated for his first entertainment awards from Black entertainment television also known as BET. He was Nominated for best new artist and best male R&B/pop artist at their annual BET awards. Tiller took both awards not by a surprise and more humbled then ever before.

Bryson Taylor decided to bless us in the 2017 with his sophomore album entitled "true to self". The album was scheduled to drop April 12, but as we see his management team are on point and has not had any leaks. More information as soon we hear.

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