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Bobby Shmurda vs. Gunna?!

Updated: Jan 21, 2023

It doesn't look like New York City rapper, Bobby Shmurda

is biting his tongue or holding back his opinion on "Rat N!gg*s" in his newest freestyle.

Posting a small snpit of himself in the studio on his personal Instagram

around 3 am est on January 5th with the caption,

"Mannn F**** all these rap niggaaas".

The people believe Bobby is dissing Gunna and other rappers apart of the YSL RICO case that.

As we all are aware there is so much conversation about people


taking deals, dry snitching, and more that is unclear if The certificated

"Hot Nigga"

is taken shoots at anyone inparticular.

The conversation about Gunna Snithing has been purging the media as a video dropped of The "Drip To Hard" rapper admitting YSL is a music label and gang in court during a hearing.

Knowing the pain behind love and loyalty

after accepting a plea deal that required him to add extra years in prison

so friend and the "Computer" Rapper, Rowdy Rebel could receive less time in prison

on conspiracy to murder and weapon possession charges.

Fans on Twitter are also mentioning that they respect the diss as some are saying they don't.

But the good thing about all of this is that it looks like we will be getting some new music from the Drill rapper.

and two


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