Black President meets the Terminator

President-elect Donald Trump announced that he converse with our amazing President Barack Obama on Potential appointments and his views on who he believed would best fit the positions. 

"I have asked him what he would think of this one and that one," our 45th President that will get sworn in office January 20th, 2017 told Americans favorite  T.V /journalist and the host on NBC Hit news show  "The Today Show." Trump also stated how he took the recommendations from Barack Obama really to the heart. He added, "there are some people that I will be appointing and, in one case, have appointed where he thought very highly of that person." with following up with this to say, "What's more, there are a few people that I will designate and, in one case, have selected where he had a favorable opinion of that individual. "Mr. President, it was a great honor being with you and I look forward to being with you many, many more times," Trump said following their 90-minute meeting. During the interview he forgot to mention that Obama called him unfit for the key holder of nuclear controls codes, but whatever.

The White House Doors was opened up to Trump and his family when he was newly elected into Office. We have to respect the simple fact that Obama would do everything in his power to make this the smoothest transition in the change of the two, this meeting seems like its only the beginning of command ground. January 20th Trump will take his official first night rest in his newly inducted home with his love ones. While the inaugural ceremonie is happening in those moments they will be concluding moving out the remanents of our beloved First Black President.

-Charles Strother


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