2018 Fashion Leader

The Leaders of Fashion is a platform to point out great trends, nice pieces, and well-put together outfits wore by gentleman today. The section is not appointed to just "famous people" but a bluffer of men across the boards. One's who take pride and value of what they present to the world daily, from the threads on their back too the kicks on their feet.

 Fashion is a popular trend, a particular style that one puts together and could honor as their own, but could be on both sides of the equation. Fashion works as the eye-opener for most, because its the first encounter with the eye that makes it so important. The threads on ones body is the foundation we all see once we have physical encounters with other people. Some may judge others because of their appearance but Lester Fuller and Edwin Rolfe said it best, "You can never tell a book by its cover."

Although 2018 just has started, reflecting on 2017 may be appetite to find The leader of Mens fashion for 2018. To kickoff The Leader of Mens Fashion for 2018 has to be presented to know other then Migo's own Kiari Cephus. Mr.Cephus is a Georgia-native also known as Offset to the hip-hop community who is also part of the popular culture rap group Migos. The trio was founded in 2009 and blew up in early 2013 with their hit single, "Versace". (One of the biggest fashions brands of today, the group is not new to fashion not one bit) Offset is also dating one of the baddest chicks in the music industry right now Ms. Cardi B, who has her own unique style presenting offence to other rap divas who think they are the fashion monsters. These two are a Fashion Powerhouse together!

With Offset kicking off New York's Fashion Week (2017) by pulling up in a neon green/Yellow Lamborghini to VFiles has topped the charts. We could not think of anyone else making such "Money Moves" in the fashion and music industry, besides when Young Thuga hopped on stage mid runway and fixed a model outfit. Offset started the show off by hopping out of the car in the basement of the Barcylays center with a a blunt, wrapped in paper smelling like marijuana. Migos very own Offset set the bar for being "Bad and Boujee" as he stayed out silently and unreveled behind the loud tune and cloud of smoke in the air.

Spending $500,000 on his engagement ring for his queen, dropping several mixtapes and hit records, to him finishing the year strong with dropping a video for his new 2018 hit song, "Stir Fry". We have to break Mr.Cephus off with a set title for all his great come through in 2017, he is the perfect person to call the

Offset blessed his Instagram followers with a classic hotel picture late March last year wearing a slim fitted striped full cable-knit wool Gucci sweater with the matching Prince-town slippers with the Gucci

tiger filled with fur.

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